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These links are primarily to feature stories and offcourt news Sunday January 24, 1999: Kournikova, Hingis are doubles trouble
MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) -- Hundreds of people waited in line, hoping one of the 6,000 unreserved seats in Court One would open up. And it was only a third-round women's doubles match... With Hingis as the anchor, the youngsters prevailed 7-6 (11-9), 6-3 Sunday, and the cheers were divided among the four players. Saturday, April 3, 1999: Photos: Martina Hingis defeated Jana Novotna
in a 1999 Family Circle Cup semi-final Sunday, April 4, 1999: Photos: Martina Hingis defeated Anna Kournikova
in the 1999 Family Circle Cup final Sunday May 02, 1999: Hingis, sponsor make temporary peace
ROME (AP) -- Martina Hingis says she's made peace with her clothing sponsor, at least for the duration of the Italian Open women's tournament. The top-ranked player showed up at a pre-tournament news conference Sunday wearing a Sergio Tacchini T-shirt, just days after the Italian sportswear manufacturer announced it was ending her endorsement deal. Tuesday, June 1, 1999: Photo:
Top-seeded Martina Hingis, of Switzerland, reacts after she beats Barbara Schwartz, of Austria, 6-2, 6-2 during their French Open quarterfinal match at Roland Garros Stadium in Paris on Tuesday, June 1, 1999. Tuesday June 08, 1999: Hingis fined for unsportsmanlike conduct
LONDON (Reuters) -- World No. 1 Martina Hingis has been fined $1,500 for unsportsmanlike conduct during her French Open final defeat to Steffi Graf, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) said on Tuesday. A spokeswoman said the fine was for Hingis' breaking tennis etiquette by crossing the netline early in Saturday's second set to argue a call with the umpire and lineswoman. The Swiss was also given a warning for smashing a racket and incurred a penalty point for crossing the line.

Week of 14 June 1999: Photos of Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova at Eastbourne, England including playing soccer... Hingis played doubles at Eastbourne in 1999, but NOT singles. Martina and Anna won the doubles final over Novotna and Zvereva 6-4, retired.

  click to view larger Tuesday June 22, 1999: photo of Dokic defeating Hingis Thursday June 24, 1999: Hingis receives support from fellow players
LONDON (Reuters) -- The top names in women's tennis closed ranks around world No. 1 Martina Hingis on Wednesday following her shocking and rapid fall from grace. Former teenage prodigy Jennifer Capriati said: "Who knows what she is feeling inside? When you're on top and everything's great, it's great. But as soon as there is one little thing that shows a little imperfection, the vultures can't wait to knock you down." The 18-year-old Hingis was thrashed 6-2, 6-0 on Tuesday in the Wimbledon first round by 16-year-old qualifier Jelena Dokic in one of the biggest shocks in modern Wimbledon history. Saturday August 07, 1999: Hingis battles to return to the top
CARLSBAD, Calif. (CNN/SI) -- Two years ago, Martina Hingis took advantage of a lull in women's tennis. She won 37 consecutive matches, three Grand Slam tournament titles and ascended to the No. 1 ranking at age 16. With Steffi Graf injured most of 1997 and Lindsay Davenport and sisters Venus and Serena Williams not yet developed into serious challengers, Hingis easily ruled the courts. "I had an open road," she said. "I don't think I understood really what was going there at that time. I kept winning, but I didn't really appreciate it because it just was so easy." It's not anymore. Monday August 09, 1999 Hingis is back on top
STAMFORD, Conn. (Ticker) -- Switzerland's Martina Hingis officially reclaimed the No. 1 spot for the third time this season with the release of the WTA Tour rankings Monday. Hingis moved back into the top spot Saturday when Lindsay Davenport lost to Venus Williams in the semifinals of the TIG Tennis Classic in San Diego. On Sunday, Hingis put an exclamation point on her return to the No. 1 ranking with a convincing victory over Williams in the final to win her WTA Tour-leading fifth title of the year. Monday, August 23, 1999: Hingis gets boot
It was hard to tell which Martina Hingis was more excited about yesterday -- her win over Monica Seles in the final of the du Maurier Open or the attire being worn by a Mountie. "I really love your outfit," the 18-year-old Hingis said to RCMP Cpl. Joe McAllister during the trophy presentation. "I think those boots are great." Hingis later said McAllister, who helped escort the crystal championship trophy to Centre Court, promised to send her a pair of the brown, knee-high riding boots in exchange for one of her racquets. "He said he was going to get some for me," Hingis said. "We're still talking." ...Hingis won the coin toss before yesterday's match, but she elected to allow Seles to serve first. Hingis said that when she wins a toss, it is a superstition of hers. "Each time I've done that I've won," Hingis said. "It just puts the pressure on them." Monday, August 23, 1999: Hingis waltzes to victory
Martina Hingis has become so terrific a tennis player she is fully capable of ruining the game in which she plays. She breezed through a wonderful week at the du Maurier Canadian Open, trampling anyone who happened to be in her way, subtly slashing her way past some of the biggest names in tennis. Easily. Too easily... The game is Hingis' now to win or lose. The winner and undisputed champion of women's tennis: She can box, she can slug, she can counter-punch, she can win on points. 23 August 1999: Hingis responds to healing hands of her top spin doctor
MARTINA HINGIS began her preparation for the United States Open, which starts next Monday, by taking lessons in how to keep her foot out of her mouth during interviews. After arriving in Florida to train for the American hard-court season, Hingis was coached by Andrea Kirby, a specialist in media relations who advises the Women's Tennis Association Tour. The object was to curb Hingis's tendency to make imprudent remarks, such as her description of Amelie Mauresmo, the lesbian French player, as "half a man", and the assertion, post-tantrums at the French Open in Paris, that "it's probably too hard to understand me, the way I am, the way I play, because it just looks too easy". Hingis, while contending that sometimes her comments were misinterpreted, acknowledged the need for caution. "I definitely have to watch my mouth more sometimes," the 18-year-old world No 1 said in Toronto, where she faced Monica Seles yesterday in the final of the Du Maurier Open. "But it's part of a learning process, I think. You know, I'm not that old, hopefully not that stupid not to learn from things. It is like going to school in a way. You make a mistake, try to get better next time. If you make the same mistake twice, that's not good." Saturday, September 11, 1999: wmp audio: Hingis expects to see Serena Williams
in future Grand Slam finals.(69 K) Thursday, September 30, 1999: Martina Hingis celebrates 19th birthday
MUNICH, Germany (Reuters)[Interview] -- Martina Hingis celebrated her 19th birthday on Thursday with a piece of cake for her mother, an afternoon party at Oktoberfest and a humble wish that she might finally win the French Open. "I've learned a lot about emotional patience," Hingis said in an interview with Reuters during the Grand Slam Cup in Munich, where she and the top performers from the four grand slam tournaments are chasing $6.7 million in prizes. "I found out you can't have everything at once." Saturday, November 20, 1999: Martina Hingis reflects on up-and-down year
[CNNSI Interview] -- After a year and a half reign at No. 1, Martina Hingis began 1999 as the No. 2 ranked women's tennis player in the world, behind Lindsay Davenport. But now, as she prepares to defend her title at the season-ending Chase Championships, Hingis finds herself back at No. 1, with 7 more trophies in her case and another Grand Slam title on her resume... Martina Hingis: "I went through very emotional things this year, like being in the French Open finals already feeling like you got it and kind of losing it. I think it was like sometimes in life things happen and you try to change them and if you learn from mistakes, it's always a good thing."

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