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Martina Hingis 2002 Australian Open
3rd-round post-match press conference interview.

Hingis defeated Barbara Rittner on January 18, 2002:
Q. Martina, is it hard to get up for those sort of games where you just have to get the job done?

Martina Hingis: No. I think it's nice that you get matches like this one under my belt, because you can even try out things, and get out there and not really have to be that nervous all the time. And that was maybe my first match, because it's always a new experience getting out there every year. It's like a new thing. And now I feel much better about myself, you know, winning last week and now also the third round, so it's good.

Q. Do you enjoy getting out there all the time?

Martina Hingis: Yeah. I do enjoy myself out there any time, especially when I play well, so it doesn't matter who is on the other side.

Q. But in a sense, given the way this tournament has gone, are those sort of matches a little dangerous if you don't done take enough care?

Martina Hingis: Exactly. I mean, they can become very dangerous if you don't take it seriously. Like, you know, maybe in the past I would under-estimate some players and then I get this trouble. But not this year, not this time.

Q. Did you watch the match, Williams against Hantuchova?

Martina Hingis: Yes, I watched it. I was in my hotel room, because I didn't have that much to do. I came out here a little later, and definitely think that she had a lot of chances, and maybe under different circumstances, you know, it will be a different story. But today, I almost could say that she should have won, but Venus didn't look that - all about, you know, playing today. But I think she's a great winner, and I think she can always get out of trouble, and that's what makes her a champion.

Q. Martina, just on an unrelated aspect: Sergio Garcia was sitting a few seats behind your Mum. Is he a friend, or is he with the same management group, or did you know he was coming?

Martina Hingis: He's Adidas. I think I met him yesterday. He was also - he came yesterday. I think they were in New Zealand playing, so he just stopped by, you know, for this tournament, because he is going on to Perth. So, you know, I mean, he asked for tickets; but I met him yesterday. I think so did a lot of other players and people.

Q. Had you met him before, through the tennis?

Martina Hingis: No, this is the first time. I didn't know. I just know I heard and seen him on TV. I mean, he's a great golfer but I don't know him that well.

Q. After last week and today's match, after last week and today, how confident are you about you going all the way to the Finals?

Martina Hingis: Oh, I think I'm getting confidence each match. I feel definitely much better every time. I mean, you could see improvement already. Today, I was more aggressive, taking more chances. Even sometimes I miss, but at least I tried, and I wasn't like, you know, very defensive, and I think that's, you know, by each match when you need the concentration, and when you really need to step it up, I think, you know, I'm on the good way.

Q. You mean your confidence is becoming bigger and bigger?

Martina Hingis: Yes, definitely.

Q. Martina, does your confidence also get boosted just by some of the troubles some of the other women are having - Venus Williams with her knee, Capriati has got her hip pretty heavily strapped, that sort of thing - does sort of that give you more confidence?

Martina Hingis: I think you have just got to take your chances, definitely. I mean the draw looks much brighter already. You know, when I saw the draw and there was Serena, and then she had to pull out; and maybe having to play the Williams sisters back-to-back again, I mean, that's just very difficult to do all the time. But I mean, now I think the draw has opened up a little bit. I mean, you can see in the men's, I mean, that's almost unbelievable. I think that has never happened in the past. But I mean, like I said, you just have to take it each match. I mean, anyone can go out there and beat you so - also Amanda has, you know, picked up her game, and I just have to go out there and do my business.

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