Martina Hingis 1998 Acura Classic Final Interview ( Sports - Women's Tennis )  

1998 Acura Classic at Los Angeles, California, on Sunday, August 16, 1998
Lindsay Davenport defeated Martina Hingis, 4-6, 6-4, 6-4

An Interview With MARTINA HINGIS:

Q. Your performance today?

MARTINA HINGIS: I mean, Lindsay played very well from the beginning on. I was like, okay, I saw her on the other side AND she is pretty big, so it was like -- she came through with her serve a lot and she lost weight. She moves better around the court. And after I won the set there, I was going to myself: How did I do it. I served very well, before I got to know it, I served like 10 aces, but also probably like ten doublefaults. I felt pretty okay today, the way I played, just sometimes I had some bad misses. But, Lindsay was just on a run. She won the last three tournaments. I was only one point away to play her last week. Maybe if I played her in the finals there, I would have a better chance now. But, I didn't know how she played. But she hits the ball very hard from the baseline and sometimes I was just -- somehow I'd lose the racket. (laughs).

Q. You seemed to have some trouble playing some forehands.

MARTINA HINGIS: I have a better backhand. Everybody knows that. So it was like really important that I try to play it in or -- I had to risk a lot today, just make her run or just do something otherwise (inaudible)-- just had to be more aggressive; had a couple of bad shots.

Q. Martina, you had to serve into the sun in the third set in crucial games. Was that affecting your getting the first serve in? Did you have to throw the ball up differently?

MARTINA HINGIS: That was yesterday more. But today I put my contact lenses again, the brown ones, so I would see better against the sun, so it wasn't like a matter -- it was okay.

Q. Were you wearing blue ones the other day?

MARTINA HINGIS: I had just the regular ones. I thought it might be better if the sun is not too bad sun, but today -- (inaudible).

Q. What could you have done differently? I mean, it is a little early to know that, but can you think of anything you could have done differently to turn things around?

MARTINA HINGIS: I don't know. It was pretty close, but I am not really (inaudible) you have to keep holding serve. It is more like men's tennis. Once you lose your serve, you lose the set. It is pretty much that way. (inaudible) It is very different. You have to have a different strategy now. I don't feel at home with that strategy so there are next tournaments and I have to improve.

Q. Is getting to a final in three months; yet losing it (inaudible)?

MARTINA HINGIS: I did better. I didn't lose in the semis for now. Last week, semis. Now finals. Hopefully I win the next tournament, you know. You just progress.

Q. How many more tournaments are you playing before the Open?

MARTINA HINGIS: Montreal and then I am taking one week off. I hope Lindsay won't be there. (laughter).

Q. Frustration with the smile and a laugh (inaudible).

MARTINA HINGIS: Some of the balls she hit today was amazing. She just hit a corner, so what can you do about that? This is just too good. I mean, what can I change about that, nothing.

Q. (Inaudible.)

MARTINA HINGIS: Last tournament I played her was Indian Wells. I won in straight seats, so it was a great match. I was playing very well. I beat Venus the day before. I just felt great out there. She has a lot of confidence because she won the last two tournaments. She beat Venus, Mary also Monica. She is very confident. Whenever she goes out there she feels pretty good. Now she is like at home and on hard court, she is very tough.

Q. The crowd was clearly in her court?

MARTINA HINGIS: Well, she is at home here. That would be pretty disappointing if they wouldn't be. She only grew up 20 minutes away from here, as she said. So it is not so far --

Q. How difficult is it for -- you just lost final and now you are going to play in a doubles final?

MARTINA HINGIS: I am kind of used to it now, playing singles and doubles. But I didn't play last weekend. I would miss it, not playing doubles. So that is why I played this now and next week too. I still love playing doubles. Last two tournaments, like the Grand Slam (inaudible) still gives you good reason to go out there and just have fun out there and I won the Grand Slam in doubles, so I am going for that now. (Laughter)

Q. You said you weren't real comfortable with the way the game was going - if you lose your serve, you lose the set. How much are you having to change in your game to compensate for that?

MARTINA HINGIS: You have to improve your serve. I worked on my serve last few weeks. It's gotten better. I served 10 aces and at the end. I was just not hitting that many first serves anymore and that was kind of the thing I shouldn't do. But, since -- a lot of pressure from her side. She plays very well. She has a great return and she serves well. So it is a lot of pressure from her. Third set you get a little tired and you can't concentrate anymore or you are not really focused anymore. I wasn't used to it because I always had great returns whenever I needed it I would win or I would break the opponent so that has changed.

Q. You are still No. 1, but you do you feel like the rest of the pack is catching up to you?

MARTINA HINGIS: Well, I mean, (inaudible) I have never made worse than semifinals not too many times this year, and once in a Grand Slam I played (inaudible) I probably haven't been winning as everybody expected me to do. But I made finals. Of course there are some girls who beat me a couple of times. Lindsay won last week three tournaments, but she was (inaudible) the game has gotten very interesting. You don't have that same winner at every tournament.

Q. Do you gear up more for the Majors than you do for this particular type of tournament?

MARTINA HINGIS: Not really. I mean, if you see that Lindsay has got won so much confidence I am sure that helps her going into the Grand Slam pretty well. She has got to be one of the toughest players, I would have to say, over there, but... (inaudible).

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