Martina Hingis 2000 Ericsson Open Quarterfinal Interview ( Sports - Women's Tennis )  

2000 Ericsson Open (Tennis Masters Series) at Miami, Florida, on Wednesday, March 29, 2000
Martina Hingis defeated Amanda Coetzer, 6-3, 6-1

An Interview With MARTINA HINGIS

Q. Your thoughts on the match tonight; how you played?

MARTINA HINGIS: Well, I think it was a very good start. We both played very well. Well, I hope it was an entertaining match for the spectators too. We had very long rallies and it was, yeah, quite a work out today, especially in the beginning.

Q. Seem to have more patience than her in the rallies. Did that help you out?

MARTINA HINGIS: Well, I tried to always be on top of the rally which I most of the time was able to be and then I was waiting for my chances and later on when she got a little bit shorter and I tried to come in, that was probably the key of the game that I was able to come in, put a little bit more pressure on her and just finish up quicken those rallies too.

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